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sometimes funny. sometimes quirky. always honest.


Why "house arrest?
The word "ashidome" means house arrest in Japanese.

How long have you been around?
Well, me personally, I’ve been around since 1969. But that's not the answer you were looking for, right?

Ashidome as my alter ego has been around since about 1993, when I chose it as my AOL account name. At the time i was taking martial arts and wanted a screenname that would label me as a fellow martial artist. Back then, "ashidome" was just another technique I had to learn.

Cut to the present, where I’ve long since left AOL and opened a Japanese dictionary. The name stuck and the new definition seemed to fit even better.

What’s this all about?
I wanted to have a weblog with some actual content.

I’d been long impressed by the content provided by other sites that told stories in a way that wasn’t exactly mundane and that didn’t feel like you're struggling through a 16 year old's diary.

This is a writing and, sometimes design, experiment. It’s also a self-expression experiment. In a nutshell it's the ramblings of a knitting-needle toting, 40ish, mega-tattooed, Brooklyn-dwelling, Puerto Rican chick who is trying to make it in this world.


knitting, tolkien, twins, parenting, autobiography, graphic design, web design